Are Air Charter Flights Safe?

     Charter aircraft and the pilots that fly them are governed by the same stringent rules and regulations as the airlines. When you board a private jet aircraft, that aircraft has been inspected each day prior to flight and extensively inspected every 100 hours of flight. Safety statistics per flight hour are comparable to commercial airlines.

How Do I Book A  Private Air Charter?

First, fill out the online form or call us and give us the details of your trip. We will provide you with a written quote, sometimes with more than one charter aircraft type to choose from. Once a quote has been accepted, payment arrangements will be made. Usually, we require pre-payment by check or credit card prior to departure. You will be provided with the address of a place to go to at the departure airport and any details with regard to any rental car, etc., will be given. If all passengers arrive prior to departure time, your charter flight will depart as scheduled.

Can We Have A Car Waiting on Arrival at the Destination?

We can have a vehicle of your choosing at the arrival airport, usually plane-side.

We Need to get to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Can a Charter get us There?

1. Yes and No. Due to FAA regulations, we cannot carry the following types of patients;
1. Anyone that needs any form of oxygen en route.
2. Anyone whose condition could require any kind of medical attention in flight.
3. Persons that are heavily sedated. 4. There are other conditions that preclude us from carrying a patient, but check with us to determine viability. Generally, a fully ambulatory person with no IMMEDIATE medical needs can fly.

How Long will the Plane and Pilot wait at my Destination?

The plane and pilot will remain in the city you travel to until you are ready to return….A nominal hourly fee is charged per hour while the crew waits and we will stay overnight as needed for an additional fee. A multi-day stay is possible, but at some point, it becomes more cost-effective us to drop you off, to return again when you are ready to come home again.

Where do  You Pick U Up?

Your charter aircraft can pick up at an airport that is most convenient for you, wherever you may be.

How Many Passengers can go on a Charter Flight?

The smallest, most economical aircraft can hold up to four. Aircraft are available that will hold groups of up to 5, 6, 8, 9, 16 and 30 (or less in each case) See aircraft fleet link for more details