There are other options to choose from when selecting an air charter company, but we at GRAC feel that we offer a superior level of service. While many would make the same claim, we deliver. Air charter Grand Rapids. Here’s how;


       We serve as your complete travel coordinator, handling the components that you choose, including selecting the right aircraft for your air charter trip based on passenger count, speed, cost, and aircraft preference. With our extended network, we can provide service nationwide.


     We will arrange rental cars and hotels as your needs require, saving you the time and effort in dealing with these details. Special catering and specific snacks and beverages can also be provided as requested.


        If you need to cancel your trip at the last minute, in most cases there will be no cancellation fee charged. If a cancellation fee does apply, it will be noted on your trip quote.


       GRAC’s principal owner is a former commercial airline pilot, having served the ranks with Frontier Airlines, UPS, and America West, as well as other, smaller commuter airline companies. GRAC and its partner carriers strive to meet all your needs down to the smallest detail. There are few needs that a charter customer may have that we have not addressed many times in the past and we will pro-actively make sure that every part of your trip is attended to.


       At our company, we recognize safety as a top priority. Every aircraft that you may ride in is required by the FAA to comply with Part 135 rules and regulations. FAA Part 135 is the operating standard through which aircraft safety, regulations, maintenance, and pilot certification are ensured.


       When customers ask us, “How soon can you get me to my destination?”, our answer is based on immediate availability. We can usually have an aircraft in position within 3 to 4 hours. There are dedicated flight crews on standby for each of the business-jet charter…aircraft at our disposal. Give us a call, assemble your group of people, pack your bags, and by the time you get to the airport, your charter plane should be ready to go. With as little as three hours notice, your flight can be taking off. Emergency on-site maintenance visits at a customer’s site and family emergencies are just a couple of examples of needing to get there on last-minute notice. Although most charter trips are planned at least a few days in advance, you can rely on our charter service to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


      Does your trip involve a larger group?. We can accommodate up to 30 passengers in two different types. These aircraft are limited to regional trips and are not particularly suited to over 600 miles. We can also provide aircraft capable of international, non-stop flights. With a Gulfstream G-V to carry you, you can get to Europe or further. Perhaps you need an aircraft with access to a short runway like many smaller airports across the U.S. have. We have an aircraft to fit every need. We will provide the perfect charter aircraft for your trip. Any aircraft provided, will be from a licensed, Part 135 Air Carrier whom we know, like, and trust to fly you safely and comfortably.