GRAC can help in getting patients to the regional clinics where the best medical specialists in the country are found. Often patients cannot or do not want to endure the process of commercial airline travel or the many hours spent in traveling by car to get these clinics for medical care. The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinics are the two most visited major clinics in the Midwest and getting there can be a challenge for those with serious medical conditions… and that’s where we can help.



   The ease, comfort, and speed of air charters will make the trip fast and hassle-free, starting with a pickup from the airport closest to the patient for delivery to Rochester or Cleveland Clinic, as the case may be. Depending on the departure airport that we leave from, it will be no more than a two-hour trip to the Rochester, MN airport and even less to Cleveland.


  If you or a loved one are on a transplant list, by pre-arranging a trip, we remain on call to deliver a patient to the hospital when that all-important call comes. Most transplant types are given a six to twelve-hour “show window” from the time of notification and we can make that happen, often with time to spare.Give us a call and we can discuss the particulars and develop a plan. 888-431-0705