Aircraft Types

Unless you are familiar with various aircraft types and capabilities, it can be very confusing to determine what aircraft to charter. Here we will attempt to clarify that for you a bit.


   Typically, a twin-engine jet travels at approximately 500 mph, roughly the same as a large passenger jet. This type would be best for a longer trip with a larger group of perhaps 5 to 9 passengers. Most of the jets we will use carry 6-7, but one type, the Falcon 20 can carry 9, with the Gulfstream being able to haul up to 16. Click here to see jets…

Turboprop Aircraft 


  A turboprop is essentially a jet engine with propellors. By using propellers, the engine uses much less fuel but the drawback is in the speed. Most turboprops travel at half the speed of a pure jet (260 mph), although there are a few exceptions on both sides of that number. Turboprops can carry as many passengers as a light jet and the cabins are often just a little bit larger. Turboprops are generally best for trips under 1000 miles, non-stop. They are not able to travel as high as a jet, but can often get above bad weather. All turboprop aircraft have pressurized cabins. Click here to see turboprops…


Cabin-Class Piston Aircraft 


  A cabin class piston aircraft has a cabin size generally equivalent to that of a King Air or perhaps slightly less so, depending on type. It is, however, somewhat slower and cannot go quite as high to avoid weather and to take maximum advantage of favorable winds aloft. Having piston engines, it is a less costly alternative that affords a roomy cabin for 5 or fewer passengers. Click here to see cabin-class piston aircraft…


Piston Aircraft 


Light twin-engine piston aircraft lie at the lower end of the speed/capability range. Light twins generally travel at 170 to 210 Mph and are best for trips under 600 miles. They can carry up to 4-5 (depending on passenger weights and aircraft types) but have smaller cabins. A light twin is great for shorter trips (under 500 miles) and provides maximum economy to any destination. Click here to see piston aircraft..