American companies depend on private air charter, and represent a diverse group in terms of locations and industry. They do though have on something in common… they need to get to other cities quickly, with flexibility, in a safe and efficient manner. The ability to do this allows these companies to serve their customers in a manner that can exceed that of their competitors and give them a decided edge on new sales opportunities. Phone contact is fine and gets the job done, but a face to face provides that edge that can close a deal or provide on location support.

      Private charter also provides the ability to get into countess smaller airports that airlines do not serve, getting them closer to their day’s destination, saving travel time, rental cars, and possible overnights at the destination.

Some of the many benefits of private air charter;

  • Saves time, point to point, over driving or using commercial airlines
  • In some cases, allows landing at an airport closer to the destination
  • Avoids airline hassles
  • Allows departing and returning at times of your choosing
  • Flexibility – Change itinerary mid-route as needed
  • Spontaneous Departures – Depart last minute as availability permits
  • Safe and secure environment, no security checks
  • Better in en route group communications ability in private cabin
  • Urgent light cargo delivery or pickup
  • Use for Personal Charters – Funerals, Weddings, Quick Weekends

NEXA Advisors, an aviation a financial organization with focus on business aviation, conducted a study on whether the use of business aircraft yielded benefits to small and medium businesses, measuring shareholder and enterprise value. NEXA then applied the same method in its first volume “Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective,” published in 2009. This study extended its sample size to look at small and medium businesses that used private charter to better compete and grow their businesses. This analysis revealed that the businesses in America that used business aviation consistently outperformed nonusers.