About Us


     I choose to remain anonymous, only because extreme right-wingers have demonstrated their willingness to attack anyone that acts against trumpism or speaks the truth to the public about the same. I am an American businessman who feels he needs to do everything with his power to save Democracy in the United States.. so here I am, work with me.

Because Washington politics has evolved to a historical state of anti-partisan, and as the Republican Party has de-evolved into a ‘toxic-to-democracy’ organization, this site will be here until election day 2024 and hopefully thereafter, demonstrating the countless ways in which the worst thing that could happen to the United States and its people is if the Republican Party regains power in either Senate, House, White House, or any of the above. Our goal is to contribute in ways we can, to prevent as many Republicans as possible from gaining seats or being re-elected.

      If the voters of our nation can flip more seats in the House (10 or so) and keep the Senate, Democracy will be saved for the near future through 2028. They need to get out and vote Democratic in local state and local elections too. The more non-Republican influences anywhere, the better. I believe that if the Republicans continue their current path, they may never win the House, Senate, or White House again (without cheating, very possible) and their ranks in Congress will shrink considerably. Portions of the GOP seem to prefer to live under the guise of a dictatorship. It sounds crazy to even suggest that, but it can happen here… it’s u

Please, become informed and help your Country protect itself from the Republican Party and the anti-democracy influences of trumpism.